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Accredited Member of the National Home Watch Association & Certified Home Watch Professional

Certified Home Watch Professional


A Message from the owner”

“As a previous snowbird, I experienced firsthand the anxiety of leaving our unoccupied home behind.  Your home is subject to inclement weather conditions, possible mechanical breakdowns, break-ins, mail backup, and other problems that can result in thousands of dollars in damage.”

Phil Bruno, Premier Coastal Home Watch owner provides Vero Beach Home Watch Services

Phil Bruno 

Home Watch is defined as: “A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”

Why Premier Coastal Home Watch?

I provide the Treasure Coast of Florida Snowbirds a service allowing them to travel to and from their resident state without having to worry about their vacation home. I knew the importance of being an accredited Home Watch Professional, so I aligned myself with the National Home Watch Association (NHWA), which trains, certifies, and maintains an association of professionals dedicated to providing only educated, verifiable, knowledgeable professionals to engage in the home watch business.
As an owner/operator of a 35-year-old family business, I fully appreciate the attention to detail, financial responsibility, accountability, and customer focus required to be a successful business owner and Home Watch Business Partner.
I am very proud to be representing the NHWA as an accredited and certified member. The NHWA has given me the experience and validation to be your trusted partner in watching your home. I am a full-time Vero Beach Resident. I will dedicate the time and attention to the protection of your home. Having been a snowbird myself, I understand the anxiety and concern that comes along with an unoccupied home. So, I am even more dedicated to the understanding and engagement required to put a homeowner at ease.

Home Watch Service vs House Sitter vs House Check

Frequently we talk with friends, neighbors, and colleagues who are unsure of the difference between a Home Watch Service, a House Sitter, or a House Check.

House Sitters will live in your home while you are away for a short time.  Sitters are very helpful especially if you have a pet. Most of the time, this would be a friend or someone who is not professionally trained, licensed, or insured. 

A House Check is normally a friend or neighbor who might stop by and do a quick walk-through and bring in your mail. 

A Home Watch Service, such as ours, is a professional service that schedules regular visits to your home while you are away using a customized checklist for your home, with your input.  We will send you a report on the status of your home upon completion of our visit.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Additionally, we are an Accredited Home Watch Business by the National Home Watch Association. We are trained to locate and report issues that have occurred or could potentially occur soon.

Some common issues found are rodents, leaking pipes, and weather damage.  We report minor issues before they become major Issues.

We will inspect the exterior of your home – a 360-degree walk around, inspecting the roof from ground level, pool and lawn maintenance, fallen limbs, mail, and package accumulation. 

We inspect the interior of your home – plumbing concerns in the kitchen and bathrooms, check the air conditioner to ensure temperature and humidity levels are adequate, and check the filter, hot water tank, electrical breaker panel, check and secure all windows and doors, and other items from our customized checklist. 

Have more questions?

 Contact Phil Bruno at 614-329-3490, and let him make sure your home is safe and secure!


Squatter Invasion

Imagine for a moment… As a Snowbird or frequent Traveler…You leave your Florida home for the Summer Months or just a few weeks and when you return you find a Stanger sitting on your Sofa… watching TV?

You then ask who they are and what are you doing here? They respond they have rented the Home and present a Lease. They refuse to leave.

After hearing horror stories of homes being occupied by Squatters , The Florida Legislature is taking Action – Bills in Both Chambers would Transfer certain Rights to the Owner instead to the Squatters who have inhabited the Home.

Visiting your Home Periodically will detour Squatter Activity

Action: Call Police Immediately -Call you to Observe and Report Situation. 

What We Do

A home watch service providing 360-degree walk /inspection of the home inside and outside.  We check all systems are operating properly, inside and outside the home.  Additionally, we offer mail and package service, key holder management, and vehicle storage maintenance.  We provide Home Watch services to Vero Beach and the surrounding area. 

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